5 Things Your Event Listing Must Have OR Stop With The Guessing Games Already

If you are posting events online – for your own organization, for a Visitor Bureau or for a Chamber of Commerce – I’m talking to you.  Yes, you.  Step away from the keyboard and take a moment to read this.

Let’s agree that those of you in the Travel and Tourism trade post events online to promote interest in the event with the ultimate goal of attracting visitors to your town or region.

Agreed?  Okay then, for the love of every prospective visitor who comes to your website, clicks on your Facebook Events or reads your blog – stop shooting yourself in the foot by publishing incomplete or unconfirmed event information.

Giving people what they need to visit you isn’t rocket science, but I’ve discovered it’s not-so-common common sense.  Here’s a bare bones list to get you started.

    Your event has a name; use it everywhere you talk, publish or print about it. Names make things easier to find … on Google, on Facebook, on your city streets and in your town’s coffee shops.  Introduce your event by name, it’s just good manners and stops me from getting it confused with similar events.
    Don’t make me guess what’s going on by telling me your event is a community festival.  Tell me about your three-day event that features a 5K Run, a Dutch Oven Cook-off, a 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament, a parade, a giant $1 a plate BBQ, a beer garden with local microbrews and live bands every night for street dancing.  See the difference?
    Sometime in June is not helpful here. I can’t make plans to be there if I don’t know when your shindig kicks off. If you don’t have a date or time set, tell me when I can check back for confirmed time and date information. All I’m asking for is a fighting chance to get there on time and have a little fun … isn’t that the whole idea?
    The name of your town is not an acceptable answer. Towns – even small ones – are big to new visitors.  Where in your town is the event?  At City Park? At a building with a physical address?  I shouldn’t have to hunt for your event once I hit town.  If you want me to get there, give me a fighting chance with an address I can use to get directions.  Better yet – give me a link to a Google Map with the location marked!
  5. COST
    Money is serious business. It’s often one of the main reasons for hosting an event. If you want me to spend money at your event and in your town, I need to know how much I should bring with me. Let me know what admission to your event will be. Go the extra mile and let me know which forms of payment you accept.

If you include a website, contact information, registration forms or images, I’m that much closer to paying you a visit and contributing to your local economy.

An event listing is an invitation to visit. Make people feel welcome, included, informed and expected and they will come … I promise!

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  • Wkause

    Thank you!  Its amazing to me how many people forget the most basic information on flyers and event info!  Nice Reminders!