Put Your Social Where Your Sand Is

Travelers have questions that need answers.

What if you could remove the time lapse of email and answer questions for website visitors immediately, while they’re interested? What if you could provide directions for a time-saving shortcut, recommend the perfect waffle house for a family on a budget or suggest the best hotel package in seconds rather than hours or days. What if your CVB or DMO embraced the role of real time Regional Concierge?

“I can do that on Facebook and Twitter already,” you say? True, if you’re monitoring the way you should be, but what if people learned to come to your website, to the sand you own, for those answers?

Moving your CVB or DMO toward becoming more social means just that: making it easy for travelers to talk with you at their point of need. That playing field shouldn’t be confined to 3rd-party-owned platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Everlater or TripAdvisor.

It’s time to socialize your website with live chat. You can set chat hours in line with office hours so you’re in control of when conversations happen and many live chat tools have mobile apps that let you take the conversation with you. If you have people who work remotely, several tools allow for multi-user sign in. This is a no brainer.

In a world full of silent websites, it’s entirely possible to gain an edge on your destination competition, here. Using your voice to chat with website visitors directly, in real time, establishes a relationship that can build trust, and people buy most often from people they know and trust. You could become those people.

If you’re ready to put your social where you sand is, check SocialCompare for a comprehensive comparison of eleven live chat tools that will help you choose the right one for your organization. Let me know how it goes.

 ~image of The Conversation from Wikimedia Commons


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  • http://bigleapcreative.com/ Lisa Gerber

    Yes!!!! And, if I might add something…. While I agree DMOs should focus efforts on their own digital assets, it’s also a great idea to leave tips all over the location based sites. This will be handy for when they aren’t available on the love chat.

  • http://www.LisaDJenkins.com/ LisaDJenkins

    Definitely, Lisa, thank you. Mapping proximity to frequented spots with directions to lesser known treasures like public art or historic sites and public transit stops is a great way to be helpful without actually being there.