Social Strategy and Execution Case Study

Control_Measurement_by_CamereonI think it’s important to walk a walk that supports the talk I talk. I spend a lot of time talking about the importance of strategy and measurable goals when integrating social and digital efforts into a marketing mix. So here is it, a slice of measured Social Strategy served up Case Study-style.

Social Strategy & Execution Case Study
Client: North Central Idaho Travel Association
Duration: October 2011 – September 2012


  • To provide sustained online visibility and increased reach for events, activities and destinations of North Central Idaho to prospective visitors located within a six-hour drive market defined geographically as ID, WA, OR & MT.


  • A limited marketing budget.
  • Community Management needs to be outsourced.
  • Idaho’s Region II comprises a number of rural and remote destination sites, largely within recognized wilderness areas; many NCITA member-vendors have a limited or non-existent connection to web-based resources.
  • NCITA member-vendors publish online supply fragmented event, activity and destination listings that are incomplete and do not include basics such as time, cost and location.
  • No measurable goals or over-riding strategy has been identified or implemented.


  • Strategy was established that clarified specific, measurable goals.
  • NCITA Calendar of Events Listings were standardized with complete information and ShareThis widgets to promote extended reach.
  • A system of alerts was used to identify events and activities within North Central Idaho as they were published online; followup with principal member-vendors collected complete information for use in standardized NCITA Calendar of Events listings.
  • Social search was used to identify prospective visitors located in the six-hour drive market and proactively engage them.
  • Delivery of content and posts were shifted to drive primary traffic to the NCITA website with focus on links to individual Calendar of Events listings which drove secondary traffic to the member-vendors.


  • Overall website visits increased by 29.5%; visits made from within the six-hour drive market increased by 40.8%.
  • Calendar of Events views increased by 216%; entrances via Calendar of Events increased by 343%.
  • Facebook audience increased by 47% with a corresponding 398% increase in click-throughs to the NCITA website; audience within the six-hour drive market increased by 117.2%.
  • Twitter audience increased by 51% with a corresponding 689% increase in click-throughs to the NCITA website.

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  • Lisa Manyon

    These are impressive results and more reason to pay attention to the numbers. Well done!