Put Your Social Where Your Sand Is

Moving your CVB or DMO toward becoming more social means just that: making it easy for travelers to talk with you at their point of need.

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How To Protect Your Business From Employees Going Rogue Online

“It’s like the worst Groundhog Day scenario ever.”

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Customer Reviews: Mining The Good From The Bad

The gut reaction of many business owners is to try and bury or delete an unflattering review. There’s a better way.

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LisaDJenkins Communications for Destinations LogoSuccessful public relations and marketing requires an integrated approach across a combination of media channels. From traditional print and digitally delivered content to social media and search engine visibility, the tools of the trade have evolved to let destination organizations and businesses in the travel and tourism industry create a unique voice and identity that others can easily connect with, respond to and share.

I don’t make the tools of the trade … together, you and I will make the tools of the trade work for you. What tools can I help you with?